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Pre-1972 Remastered Recordings Not Pre-1972 Recordings Anymore?

Hello there and thanks for reading the 21st Century Music Blog! I touch on many items here and lately there has been a lot of legal wrangling coming through as the internet transforms our society in many ways. Here is something that caught my eye this morning in the print edition of ProSound magazine. I went to the net and found this - From Law360: "Song owners who filed class action litigation against CBS over so-called pre-1972 recordings are heading to the Ninth Circuit to challenge a novel ruling last month that “remastered” versions of old tracks played over the airwaves aren't even pre-1972 songs in the first place."


In ABS Entertainment, Inc. v. CBS Corporation et al, CBS is claiming that remastered versions of pre-1972 sound recordings aren't subject to pre-1972 copyright law that grant songwriters exclusive performance rights as they are "different" sound recordings and so far, US court has agreed. Another chipping away at songwriters rights and copyright law? (See US Department Of Justice Offers Crushing Blow To Songwriters) What are your thoughts? Is this fair or is it trying to simply skirt out of legal payment to artists through legalese?


Its been a rough decade for music and an extremely rough year for composers and songwriters. I guess we'll have to see how this continues to play out as they are expecting this might go to the Supreme Court.


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