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Disintegration of Secrets / Apparitions of Kings

by Onibaba

Released 2012
Urban Nerds
Released 2012
Urban Nerds
Onibaba was created by Daren Burns and the bands music exists between composition and improvisation and is described as being somewhere between the light and the dark, the ethereal and the earthly - Creative Music.
Onibaba Disintegration of Secrets/Apparitions of Kings

Daren Burns - Compositions/Bass
Vinny Golia - Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax
George McMullen - Trombone, Flute, Electronics
Scott Collins - Electric Guitar, Electronics
Randy Gloss - Tabla, Kanjira, Daf, Caxixi Shakers, Gongs and Metal
Craig Bunch - Drumset
Kio Griffith - Live Visuals

All Compositions by Daren Burns © 2012 Urban Nerds Publishing ASCAP
Produced by Daren Burns

Many thanks to the musicians, I thank you for your creativity and beautiful playing!

Recorded 1-05-12 and 3-13-12
Mixed and Mastered 7-18-12 & 7-19-12
Recorded and Engineered by Wayne Peet @ Newzone Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Album Art - Design by Kio Griffith []

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