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Have We Met?

by 3 Squares

Released 2009
Urban Nerds
Released 2009
Urban Nerds
Sweet and sour. Dense and melodic. Angst and good-time feelings; all rolled into one.
Cadence Magazine: "mostly this music is a series of distinctive musical conversations drawn out of very basic materials, a sound that gives this band its own identity"-Jerome Wilson © Cadence Magazine 2010. ph: 315-287-2852

"Going by their name, you’d expect 3 Squares to be another of those “quirky” Rock-based Bad Plus-type piano trios, but that’s not quite the case. There is a little progressive Rock bashing on (4) but mostly there is a more deliberate group feel that resembles some of Carla Bley’s groups." -Jerome Wilson © Cadence Magazine 2010. ph: 315-287-2852

3 Squares is a “Jazz” piano trio made up of pianist David Vincent Mills, fretless bassist Daren Burns, and drummer Craig Bunch; three musical veterans with long resumes (Their collected performance credits include: Wadada Leo Smith, Vinny Golia, Steve Trovato, John ‘Drumbo’ French, Mike Kenealley, Kimberly Locke, plus countless others) and long histories of playing together.

Immersed in the daunting history of the great piano trio’s like, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, and Ahmad Jamal, but forward thinking in scope to include the ground-breaking and innovative explorations of contemporary piano trios; such as, Keith Jarrett, Medeski Martin and Wood, and The Bad Plus, 3 Squares seeks to branch off and establish it’s own traditions and practices of what a modern day “Jazz” piano trio can be by pushing the envelope and resituating the ensemble compositionally, texturally, harmonically, and rhythmically. The trio has the ability to drift from Monk-like playfulness to orchestral lushness to create their own unique, multi-faceted, and creative take on the standard jazz piano trio format.

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