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Foreigners Life in Kodaikanal

Getting stuff done and patience

Okay. Errands finally done. Took two days! There are protests in Tamil Nadu about a sport called Jallikattu.... all the stores and restaurants closed yesterday for this and we really needed to buy some supplies ~ Room heater, toilet paper, food... So today I was hopeful that stores were open and of course, its pouring rain all morning.

I waited for the rain to clear a bit (the house is freezing we really need to buy a room heater as the wood we were supplied with for the wood stove and fireplace is still too wet to burn) and set out; hopeful that I can accomplish all I need to do, but not entirely sure if the stores would be open due to the protesting still and the rain.  

So first off a walk down hill in the rain,  I need to exchange some more money so I have some, they only let you exchange $85 a the airport, some kind of government regulation. Found a place to exchange and after the girl made a few phones calls, the waiting starts. 20-30 minutes later a guy shows up and I am able to exchange my money.

So after the first task, its off to find a room heater. I luck out and find one right away at a good price 1500inr (apprx. $22). Score!

Off to buy groceries and various sundries and this is easily accomplished and only cost 727 inr ($11)! 

I proceed to walk back up the steep hill, still in the rain, stop off at some coffee chain called Great Coffee Day! (Wait, am I in Japan?!) have two somosas and an espresso, 160 inr ($2.20), and walk the rest of the way up to the house.

Patience is definitely something to cultivate while here, you just have to accept that things will take a little longer. It is a small town and there just are not all of the amenities of a city. You can however have Amazon deliver!

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Really curious about you and Misuzu's life in India !!! I'm looking forward to keep reading your adventure !!!
Great idea to set up a blog about this! Really looking forward to hearing more about this!

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