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More CD's I've been listening to: 1) Project X- Heaven and Earth. Those wacky King Crimson guys. 2) Ikue Mori- B/Side. God damn, I love this womans music! (And her artwork) 3) Boredoms- Super Roots 6. Not as out as some of their other stuff. 4) Adrian Belew- Inner Revolution. Cross between The Beatles, Frank Zappa, and XTC. 5) Henry Threadgill- Too Much Sugar For A Dime. This is a cool record with interesting instrumentation. All I can say is TUBA!!! 6) Beth Orton- Daybreaker. Merkus Alcus turned me onto this singer/songwriter. 7) John Zorn/Naked City-Heretic. Great, great band. Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, Joey Baron, Yamatsuka eYe. 8) Cecil Taylor- Unit Structures. Believe it or not, this is on Bluenote... 9) Led Zeppelin- Remasters. What can I say these are classics. 10) Ruins/Derek Bailey- Saisoro. Collaboration between an improvising master and notorious Japanese group.

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