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Well, what do you know? I just went to and saw that it was his birthday today. Frank would have been 64.
WARNING / GUARANTEE This album contains material which a truly free society would neither fear nor surpress. In some socially retarded areas, religious fanatics and ultra conservative political organizations violate your First Amendment Rights by attempting to censor rock-n-roll albums. We feel that this is un-Contstitutional and un-American. As an alternative to these government supported programs (designed to keep you docile and ignorant), Barking Pumpkin is pleased to provide stimulating digital audio entertainment for those of you who have outgrown the ordinary. The language contained herein are GUARANTEED NOT TO CAUSE ETERNAL TORMENT IN THE PLACE WHERE THE GUY WITH THE HORNS AND THE POINTED STICK CONDUCTS HIS BUSINESS.This guarantee is as real as the threats of the video fundmentalists who use attacks on rock music in their attempt to transform America into a nation of check-mailing nincompoops (in the name of Jesus Christ). If there is a hell, it's fires wait for them, not us.

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