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Saw past Ornette/Prime Time guitarist, James "Blood" Ulmer on Wednesday night with friends of mine, Igor and Kyoto. This was special treat for L.A., as I have been living here since 1989 and don't recall that James "Blood" Ulmer has ever played here during this time. Even better was the fact that I had just seen Ornette Coleman back in November, so I'm definetly getting my "Improvised Music" jones fulfilled. This show had him performing with longtime Cecil Taylor drummer Andrew Cyrile and "I've played with just about everybody" bassist, Reggie Workman. It was a really great performance. They started off each playing solo. First, with Ulmer laying down some really cool "avant-blues" Singing Muddy Waters/John Lee Hooker style; even doing a version of Muddy Waters "Cool Water" (I believe its called.) Next Cyrile came out and played His Ghanian style Jazz. Andrew Cyrile blew me away with his use of poly rhythms. He is an incredible improvisor and I am am greatful to have been able to see him perform. Thirdly, double-bassist, Reggie Workman came out and played around the bass like it was a toy. He is a complete joy to listen and watch. Here is a guy that truly enjoys making music. It seeped out of him like an overfilled sponge. His intonation was a little off but whats new in the world of the acoustic bass? Besides, in the second set, after warming up, it was much better. He had some impressive sounds and textures he extracted from his well-used instrument. They then played collectively for about 30 mins and it was great! Andrew Cyrile was on top of everything in an ESP-like way. He truly was uncanny. There were hints of some of Ornettes Harmolodic ideas coming from Blood's kalaediscopic guitar and Reggie was laying it down. They played with a mutual love and respect an it did really come through.

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