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Well, in a cruel twist of life (thanks god), not only are my wife and I dealing with her fathers cancer, but my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor on this past Monday and I am in Phoenix with my brother and sister as I write this. We are waiting to see if it is cancerous or not; no official word, but the doctors are leaning towards cancerous and are trying to figure out where it came from. Thanks to Greg Pearson and Andre LaFosse for helping a brother out with my piano moving situation and more. Thanks to all of my students, Richard and Ed @ Woodlowe music for putting up with this stuff. I would also like to thank everybody at Freddie Mac. The phone calls from friends and family are much appreciated. My mom, Nancy, will be undergoing brain surgery tomorrow or on Friday, as soon as they can, to remove the tumor. She is at the finest Neurological Center in Arizona, the Barrows Neurological Institute at St. Josephs Hospital in Phoenix. She doesn't deserve this all she ever did was work her ass off to try and get better financially. Please keep some thoughts for her quick recovery. If I haven't contacted you very quickly, this is why.

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