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Just wanted to say, I had a great time at the Chris Opperman gig last night and thanks to everyone who showed up and stayed late to hear us. I thought the band sounded pretty good, even Andre's "Peanuts Theme" insertion during the last improv. Drummer, David Gaziel and I did this strange drum and bass solo/interlude that was really kind of cool and full of energy. It was really good to see some friends in the audience, some I haven't seen in quite awhile, like Marty Beal, Nathan Yagi, and Julian Cummings. The musicians and I really appreciate the support. We know that 11 PM on a Tuesday is really tough to do sometimes. In other news, my mom is doing well. She was moved to a rehab hospital in her hometown of Yuma, AZ last Friday and is receiving a barrage of visitors now. Thank you to everyone that asks me how she is doing. Your support really does mean a lot to my mother, Misuzu, and me.

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