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This past weekend, I went to a fundraiser put on by The Rotary Club for my mother. It was successful as they raised at least $5000 to help my mother out. It was very generous of everybody at the organization and all of those who attended the event. Everyone in my family extends a thank you for your efforts. Besides dealing with family and personal problems, a lot has been going on lately I started rhythmic lessons with tabla master Aloke Dutta so I can try to get a firmer grasp on polyrhythms. It is amazing to realize how much you don't know about rhythm when you focus in on it. I don't take my bass to the lessons, just myself and we clap rhythms and feel phrases. It has been highly worthwhile so far. Tonight I am going to Steve Vai's studio, The Mothership, to record with Chris Opperman. Drums , guitar, and woodwinds were layed down on Friday and Saturday and now it's my turn. Chris said so far everything is great. Craig Bunch, Chris Spilsbury, and Frank Macchia tracked everything great. I can't wait to hear!

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