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Wow, my friend Yasha pointed out that I haven't updated my site in awhile and I guess it has been a longtime since I updated what’s been going on with me. The musical, "Saturday Night At Grossinger's", I had subbed on in May was extended until the end of July and the musical director/pianist, Paul Chipello, asked me to do these two months since bassist, Mark Tavarez wasn't able to do most of the dates. It's great. The cast is all extremely talented and has been wonderful to work with. The show runs three times a week and I only have to drive about fifteen minutes from my apartment to get there. Steady work and close by a rarity! Chris Opperman is still working on his recording and I haven't heard any of it. He mentioned that I may need to go back and do a couple of overdubs, we'll see. I did play a impromptu show with Chris a few weeks ago at BB Kings @ Universal City Walk. It was for the Los Angeles Music Awards for some reason and was pretty funny. The line-up for Chris Opperman & the Monster Truckers included Jeff "Pesci" Grey on electric guitar and Clark Freeman on drums. We were supposed to play for about 20 mins, but some band or something pulled out so they asked Chris to play both sets. Chris had planned on just improvising so that is what we did. I think it was a little out for the LAMA crowd. Even funnier was when two host/"spokes model" type girls came up after we were done to introduce the next thing going on stage and they were telling the crowd "Weren't they great?" and stuff like "You know, they were i-m-p-r-o-v-i-s-i-n-g" like they were reading the word phonetically for the first time. Hilarious stuff.

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