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The musical, "Saturday Night at Grossingers", which I have been playing for about the last 10 weeks, has finally come to a conclusion, yesterday. It was fun and the cast was truly outstanding. Playing with Musical Director/Pianist Paul Chipello, drummer Craig Fine, and June; Paul’s sub, was a memorable experience. They each made it so easy to show up week after week. I thank Mark Tavarez for the opportunity to do the show and I also thank Aaron Coen for subbing when I was out. Saturday night was the debut performance of The Ruben Ramos Groovetet, Ruben Ramos on guitar, Dave Price on Sax, Craig Bunch on Drums, at Beantown in Sierra Madre. The show went great and the group has a pretty good chemistry from its outset. I really enjoy playing with this caliber of musicians, as it is very stimulating. Saturday was also my last rhythm lesson with Aloke Dutta. (It was a three-month course) I have enjoyed the lessons immensely and have learned a lot. Aloke’s view on art and music are surprisingly very close to my own. This guy has the balls and dedication to be pursuing his solo tabla vision, turning a deaf ear to the nay sayers and their snide remarks. Not many people in the world who are willing to focus in and embrace their own clear-cut vision of what they want. To the exclusion of anything else and at all costs.

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