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Allright, this is going to be interesting. On Saturday afternoon, I am playing solo at Rick Walker's Y2K5 "looping festival" in Santa Cruz. Dark Numbers was scheduled to play but KD had something come up which he can't get out of. I thought about turning the gig down, but decided that maybe it is an opportunity to use the 30 minutes of performance time to try some solo stuff out. I have been working with Ableton Live and my Echoplex to use them together to create an unholy alliance in music making. Shall be interesting. On another note, played with the Ruben Ramos "Groove-tet" last Saturday and had a great time. The band consisted of Craig Bunch on drums, Chad Edwards on keys, Dave on sax, as well as the namesake on guitar. It's great to play with guys who are really listening. Hope to have more gigs booked in the future.

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