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Last week at the Y2K5 Festival in Santa Cruz, I played my first solo gig ever. Although not the happiest with my performance, there were moments that were decent and I definetly didn't make a fool of myself. My operation of the Echoplex is getting more refined and second nature-ish. Ableton went off without a hitch and I plan on incorporating it into more things ASAP. It is such an intuitive, powerful and easy to learn program. The performance went well considering all of the BS the city was giving Rick (Even though the mayor himself was going to be there to proclaim it "International Looping Day" and give keys to the city to three of the performers). They had to change the venue at the last second to be within the city's codes and it almost didn't happen. I really enjoyed spending time in Santa Cruz, eating the most amazing fish and chips at the Irish Pub, and seeing and hearing all of the performers on Saturday. Many different approaches and styles. My favorite performances were of Ghost 7, Hoopla, Pushing Air, Andy Butler, and Matt Divignon. Thanks again to Rick Walker for having me at this years festival. On another note, I guess the 2004 Neon Venus Tour section of my site was down and I spent some time on Friday reloading pages and making a few refinements. The pictures and blog are back up if you are interested.

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