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It's been a longtime, been a longtime, been a... Things have been busy here. I have been playing non-stop and it seems to be getting busier. I have been turning down gigs! I have been writing a lot of music lately, seems the writers block has been, well, unblocked. Some of the interesting things coming up are that I have a piece I wrote, entitled "Mimi-Nashi-Hoichi" being premiered at the Synchromy concert this sunday evening. The piece includes KD on percussion and my wife Misuzu playing piano. This is only the second time we have ever performed together. I am also finishing up applications to enter a Masters program. I am applying at various colleges and universities, including, Mills, Wesleyan, and Manhattan School of Music. This has been a lot of work, each school requires so much, it is tiring. And I have the GRE coming up next week. I also have a gig in Gary, Indiana for New Years Eve. They are flying us out for a two hour performance and flying us back home. Should be a great time.

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