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Hey kids, It's CD List Time!!: 1) King Crimson - The Power To Believe(Growing On Me) 2) Praxis - Sacrifist (Yes!!!) 3) Living Colour - Times Up 4) Trilok Gurtu - Bad Habits Die Hard(Kind of bad) 5) John McLaughlin - Electric Guitarist(No more Jew's Harp for Mclaughlin? Damn!) 6) Slave Master - Under The 6 (Sounds Like Rage Against the Machine, If they were Black instead of from Irvine.) 7) Painkiller - Execution Ground. (Bill Laswell/John Zorn. Great!) 8) Phonopsychographdisk - Turbulence Chest (Live @ Slims) Bitchin'! Les Claypool, Brain, Buckethead, DJ Disk, Others Japanese Import. Try to find, it's great.) 9) Joe Pass/Niels-Henning Orsted Pederson - Chops (Just like it says folks) 10) W.A.S. - Rough Mix (You can't wait for the recording can you?)

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