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It has been busy this year and 2006 promises to be life changing and much brighter after a very dismal 2005. ..See ya,....don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.... First, I have been taking composition lessons with Wadada Leo Smith, truly eye opening, and writing music, on a regular basis, again. Currently, I am writing a bassoon, piano, bass, percussion, quartet for a Synchromy concert on Feb. 12th @ Beyond Baroque. I will have audio of the performance posted soon after. Second, the return of W.A.S., very much a different ensemble sound-wise and attitude-wise, with Koorosh, myself, and Matt Piper, is on the horizon as we do an instore @ Poo Bah Records in Pasadena. Third, new recording sessions with Brandy Repairs Utah this week as Merkus Alcus is back in town for a few days! I can't wait. There have been new recording sessions and rehearsals with John Pieplow already, and some shows to be booked in the near future. Exciting times...

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