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Let's see. What has been going on... Sunday was the performance of my latest composition creatively titled "Quartet No. 1" @ the Synchromy show. Click the title to listen to a stream. The performers are: Cavit Celâyir-Monezis on bassoon, Misuzu on keyboard, Koorosh on percussion, and myself on bass. Overall it went well, but still, we are slaves to the keyboard instead of having a real piano. It sucks because I actually envision the music on a piano, but what can I do. I also recently dumped down a improvisation that Misuzu, Craig Bunch, and I peformed @ Misuzu's high school, Happy Valley in Ojai, CA. "Improvisation 1" This performance went well and was the first time the three of us ever played together. It has a Cecil Taylor quality to it, which is great. Here Misuzu gets to play a baby grand piano(albeit, a shitty one) and is phenominal. I am using the Echoplex with my bass, and Craig is on drumset. Enjoy the tracks. P.S.- Today is the day that my Mom is moving back into her own home after her brain operation, exactly a year ago on Feb. 11th. I remember watching over her on Valentines day with my sister and brother in Phoenix. It seems so long ago...but only a year. She has been doing great and thanks to everyone who has been asking about her.

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