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Brandy Repairs Utah just finished up our second recording session on Monday. There will be "rough" mix MP3's up in the very near future. Went to see King Crimson on March 29th @ The Wiltern. It was the best KC show I've seen. They played mostly stuff off of their last two CD's and didn't play any of the "hits". Which is fine by me. I've heard them a billion times before and their new stuff is so difficult, it's entertaining to see them pull it all off live. CD List: 1) King Crimson - The Power To Believe 2) Praxis - Metatron 3) Mike Dresser/Dave Douglas - The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari 4) Fela Kuti - No Agreement 5) Funkadelic - The Electric Spanking 6) David Shea - Classical Works II 7) Painkiller - Execution Ground 8) Sun Ra - Outer Spaceways Incorporated 9) Material - Seven Souls (Bill laswell/William Burroughs) 10) Frank Zappa - Them Or Us

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