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Well, my gigs with LXIX on April 28th and May 31st, will be my last. My schedule has become just way too busy for me to keep up. There's no animosity; quite the contrary, I hope to work with Ralph and the others in future. In fact, KD and I work together in other projects, and... well one of the guitar players is my brother! On another note, KD and I are finally getting the "go ahead" to write music for a video game. We hope that this is the first of many more to come. Stay tuned for more info! *Just finished reading a book called Arcana:Musicians On music, which was edited by John Zorn. It is out of print, but a must have for any fan of improvisation or the "Downtown" music scene in New York. I have seen it for as much as $145 (seems unreasonable), but I've seen it for $16.95 as well. Look around.

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