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First off, my recital is rescheduled for April 1st. No joke. Here is the poster that Kio Griffith, a great artist and graphic designer, created for the event. I think it looks pretty awesome and I am still finding some of the detail in it:
Everything else: Too much going on, my grandfather, Vernon Burns passed away last week, I'm going to miss him. He was a great strong man, who lived a long life. The upside is that I got to see a bunch of relatives I hadn't seen in a very long time. Yesterday was the first annual "Fresh Squeezed" Festival @ CalArts, put on by Sarah Phillips, Megan Fong, and Scott Collins. I think the event was a success . There were a variety of music students, writers, and video artists who played from 2 PM until 1 or 2 AM. Quite an event! I played @ Noon with Megan, Sarah and Carmina Escobar for a nice performance and then Vinny Golia did a collaborative work with video artist Caroline Kim and a dancer, who I didn't catch the name. Caroline told me it was a test run, but it was fantastic! I was finally glad to get to see her work as I had missed the last couple of performances she had done in LA. I then played a solo set in the Tatum coffee house and later, I played a set in the Main Gallery with Here No Evol, my band moniker, where we play time based pieces laid out over whatever time-limit is presented to us. This time it was 25min. and the band was made up of my wife, Misuzu Kitazumi on japanese koto, Carmia Escobar on vocals, Sarah Phillips on piano, Scott Collins on Guitar, Casey Butler on soprano sax, and Ingo Deul on drumset. I think it came off pretty well. Right after, Misuzu on koto, George McMullen on trombone, and I played a trio in Tatum that was quite impromptu and quite successful. Congrats to Sarah, Megan, and Scott again for putting on the great festival that all of the students will remember!

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