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Things have been extremely busy. Went to the E3 show on Thursday and met the guys at Conspiracy Games. They said they might have another game for KD and I to do. If you ever get a chance, go to this show. It is crazy!!! All of the games are out, including the ones that will be available for christmas. Saw Dave Navarro (was the guitarist of Janes Addiction)acting really Rockstar and counter culture by having his picture taken with the Xbox logo. would think Mac or a Gap ad. muzzleLoader was recording last weekend at The Headway Complex in Garden Grove. Marty Beal was again engineering. It's always a pleasure to be in the studio with Marty. The man knows his shit, everything went extremely smooth and sounds great. On Monday I had a session with Monica Mayhem. We recorded a three song demo at Beckers Studio in Burbank. All I saw was that they did a few Neil Diamond CD's there. My mom will be happy. Thorsten was great on guitar and Mike Calenza was slammin' on drums. Top Ten (In no particular order): 1) 100 Aspects Of The Moon - Ikue Mori 2) Disco Volante - Mr. Bungle 3) Live in Tokyo - Bootsy Collins Rubber Band 4) The Soft Bulletin - Flaming Lips 5) Bone Crusher - GE Stinson 6) Ju Ju - Wayne Shorter 7) Black Narcissus - Mephista 8) Let It Be - The Beatles 9) Garden - Ikue Mori 10) Stellar Regions - John Coltrane

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