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Here's a video of 'Thirty-Six Ghosts' from my Recital. It features, Joule Ladara-Vocs., Eric Klerks-Vocs., Vinny Golia-Woodwinds, Ulrich Krieger- Woodwinds, Scott Collins-Guitar, Misuzu Kitazumi-koto, Andrew Niven- Drum Set, Ingo Deul-Percussion, Randy Gloss- Percussion, Sarah Phillips-Conducting. The Dance is by Don McLeod & Rocio. The Live video is by Bo sul Kim. Video footage was taken by Jon Dunmore
Also, I had the privilege of working with composer, Jonathan Bepler last week, on a film project by Matthew Barney. It included about 50 marching band guys and gals from RCC, 50 guys dragging a car into a Chrysler showroom that was outfitted with bullet-proof glass to be shredded, a gold Trans AM, a mariachi band and one naked lady that was dressed as a scarab. It was quite the week as this all happened during my graduation from CalArts. Oh yeah..... I graduated from CalArts with my MFA in Performer/Composer, African/American Improvisational music, under the direction of Wadada Leo Smith. I'm glad to be done and to be able to move forward I have a lot to say and do with music.

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