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Well, it's been a few weeks since I wrote here, but wanted to update. I had a nice gig @ Cafe Metropol last Friday with the great guitarist, Andre LaFosse, the amazing violinist, Todd Reynolds, and the always exciting pianist, Motoko Honda. Thanks to Rocco for helping us put this together! Here is a clip of Motoko and I playing duet: Motoko Honda/Daren Burns Duet Here is the Quartet playing: Andre LaFosse/Todd Reynolds/Motoko Honda/Daren Burns Quartet Also, I just found this clip from April:
Crazy! I played with Motoko, Joe Berardi, and Scott (I forgot his last name) at the UndergrounDNuos, put on by KXLU and Amoeba Records, It was a fun time. Mike Watt and Kira played right before us, it was great! Also, many things being planned and developed so stay tuned...

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