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A little late for this entry, but here it goes. I went to see Living Colour on this past Tuesday night at the House Of Blues in Hollywood with KD, his girl Doris and Amanda. It was good to see them get back together after about 10 years; as well, I have to say it was refreshing to see a rock band that can actually play and singer than can really sing. It was the second, original line up with Vernon Reid on guitar, Doug Wimbish on bass, Will Calhoun on drums, and Corey Glover on vocals. They played for two hours straight, and were totally on top of their game. They played a lot of old material plus most songs off of their new CD. They also did as their second song a version of "Back In Black", which turned it into a joke within a joke, within a joke. The band is so tight, they play their material really lose and have some fun with it. It doesn't just sound like the record. It sounds better than the record because it has a different, more full throttle, kind of direction which is hard to capture. If you have the chance to see them and are a fan of this type of music, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

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