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I have now, finally started work on the Brandy Repairs Utah CD. Brandy is Lyle Tharp (aka Merkus Alcus) reading his writings, KD (aka Game) on percussion, and myself on bass. The concept. We got together and improvised over a few nights at Urban Nerds Sanctuary, recording it using Emagic's Logic Audio program. The idea was that we could have a CD of our little improvisations for fun. I got to thinking, (owwww!!!) "What if I use the source material as a launching pad to create a whole new music which none of us played but all of us contributed to?" And this is where I am at now. Cutting up samples and creating loops; deconstructing our improvisations, with my Powerbook to make completely new tracks out of our recordings. I guess it is sort of along the idea of David Torn's Splattercell, which I just found out about a couple of months ago (and I like it), but I'm sure it won't sound anything like it. (Hey no jokes) It just shares a conceptual idea. I will post some samples up on the site in the weeks to come.

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