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Well, KD and I just got back from Santa Cruz, performing as Dark Numbers. Had a great time. We were opening up for Rick Walker, for the release of his Faux Voix CD. Rick played with Deepak Ram, a great Bansuri player, guitarist, Bill Walker tweaking Deepak electronically, and we all had great accompaniment by David Tristram, a great 3-D images improvisor and really nice guy whom KD and I will be working with in the future. We played at the Next Door art gallery which, well, is next door to the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz. (I might add that there was some really cool artwork in there as well. I wish I could remember the artists name.) The crowd was very attentive, something which is really lacking in LA. Hell, having a crowd in LA seems to be a rare occurence. As our first road trip with the group, I have to say it was a complete success. We met some cool people, played a good show. I was also able to hook up with my friend Kevin Kmetz, whom I had played with in the JSBX group. Kevin is playing Tsugaru Shamisen in Estradasphere now and I guess is playing with Trey Spruance in Secret Chiefs 3. It was good to see Kevin again. It had been way too long. He is a super talented musician.

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