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Went to see AJ Croce last night at The Mint as my friend Phil Smith was playing drums. Nice club. I have never been there before. Croces band was smokin'! If you ever get a chance to see them do not miss. At the same show I was introduced to Danny Carey, drummer of the band Tool, by Phil. I guess they lived in Kansas together long ago. We all rapped for awhile about Simmons drums and Dannys new brass(!) drumset. Real nice, funny guy and not as dark and mysterious as you would believe! One more thing. On Wednesday night, I was fortunate enough to see Peter Gabriel at The Staples Center. Do yourself a favor and if he is coming to a town near you, go see him. This concert is unbelievable and not to be missed. For bassists all I have is two words--Tony-Levin. The band was insanely tight and theatrics were spectacular. Stages which are round and in the center of the arena are completely where its at!

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