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Whats been going on lately? Not only have I gotten older, but I've been practicing my ass off for this gig I am playing on Saturday, thats what! I am @ Harbor City college with the Neil Sadler Band. Includes Jason McKenzie on drums (A dynamite drum/tabla player), Bruce Fowler- trombone, Kurt McGettrick- Bari. Sax/Bass Clarinet, Mike Keneally- Guitar, (the last three of Frank Zappas band plus many others) Milen Kirov- (of the band Artificial Intelligence) on piano, and, of course, the main guy, Neil Sadler on percussion/synth/and composition. Should be a wild show! All of these guys are top-notch musicians and I am fortunate to be sharing the stage with them!! Thanks to my friend Andre LaFosse for refering me to this gig! If you don't show up to this, you're a chump. Just like what everyone says about you behind your back!! NEIL SADLER BAND feat. Neil Sadler - perc/synth. Mike Keneally - guit. Bruce Fowler - trb. Kurt McGettrick - bari/ Milen Kirov - pno. Daren Burns - bass Jason McKenzie - drms/tabla SATURDAY, MAY 29th, 2004 @ 8PM LOS ANGELES HARBOR COLLEGE MUSIC RECITAL HALL 1111 FIGUEROA PLACE, WILMINGTON, CA $10.00 General Admission More line-up details coming soon! Info: (323)267-1830 - PHONE (24 HOURS)

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