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10 CD's I've been listening to: 1) Ikue Mori-Hex Kitchen(New to Ikue Mori. One of the best CD's I've listened to in awhile.) 2) The Flaming Lips-Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots 3) John Zorn/Naked City-Torture Garden (This used to be just crazy "out" to me now it just sounds beautiful. Hope I'm not going off the deep end.) 4) Keith Jarrett-Live at the Deer Head Inn (I like the regular trio with Jack Dejohnette, but damn does Paul Motian sound good on this). 5) Mr. Bungle-Disco Volante 6) Wadada Leo Smith/Henry Kaiser- Yo! Miles 7) Squarepusher-Music Is Rotted One Note 8) David Bowie-Diamond Dogs 9) Frith/Kato/Mori-Death Ambient 10)Frank Zappa-The Yellow Shark

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