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Finally some news... Saw Bucketheads Giantrobot band last Saturday and it was pretty damn entertaining. He had Brain (who was dressed up like Bruce Lee in Game Of Death) and some guy named 'House'(or 'Butthouse') playing bass (Hey he played "Teentown" that makes him pretty damn good in my book). Not a bad band at all and Brain is incredible. They referenced many movie tunes while playing and played a dub version of "Ghost Riders In The Sky". As an encore, Buckethead showed off his "nunchuk" skills and did 80's robot/breakdance moves before passing out action figures to the crowd and launching into a Led Zeppelin riff-medly. The band that opened up was a post John Zorn/Naked City band who although their music was somewhat lacking content, was a complete blast to watch. They are insane, I wish I could remember there name, but oh well.(Wow that last sentence was a bit of poetry there) Of special note, Jack Black was in attendance and was seen rocking out. On the personal front, I just did some recording with KD on percussion and with Igor engineering. Igor will be playing later and this is cool as it includes Gia Scott-Heron, daughter of Gil Scott-Heron on vocals stay tuned...

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