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So..I am going on tour for 24 days with a latin/rock band called Neon Venus. We are leaving on Sept.15th and coming back on Oct. 8th. We will be in Egypt, Sinai, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, and Italy during this time. I am really looking forward to it. They have good original songs and some interesting covers. (I get to play "Flashlight" and "Sex Machine" for three weeks!!! I will try to step into Bootsy's shoes on these, but they are so high off the ground.) Rehearsal starts tonight. Other news, is that I saw the new version of my former band, muzzleLoader at Zen Sushi on Sunday night. They are now called Blaudo. They were really tight and sounded good. My friend Kentaro Otsuka has stepped into the bass role and is an extremely talented player. I wish them the best.

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