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The funniest shit happened at a gig I was playing on Saturday night with the band, Dear Jon. First of all, Mr. Dunmore decided to get "punk" and sang incoherently and danced around the stage; during our version of the Rolling Stones classic "Brown Sugar", as an imitation of Mick Jagger! This had the band in hysterics and the audience wide-eyed and dumb-founded! Quite a sight to behold! Then, at the end of the night, a drunk, middle-aged woman came up and; I think, complimented the band. She told Andre LaFosse, the guitar player, that he was great and that he "looked like this nerd but could really play." and that the singer; Mr. Dunmore, "had to be gay" because of the way he "danced and prounced" around the stage! When I inquired as to who I was, she told me I was the "Focused One"(?), and that Phil Smith, the drummer, was "the partier". Right on, and look out KISS... Strange night.

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