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Rehearsals with Neon Venus have been going great and we are about ready to take off in less than 2 weeks. The group is getting excited about having rewarding trip.

Don't forget to vote this fall, regardless of who you pick. For any retard that stills believes in the Democrats vs. Republicans bullshit, I suggest that maybe you become more informed about the issues. They both have major problems. I'm not saying I know everything, but America has some real image problems in the rest of the world and we are in danger of being handed over to religious whacko’s that are putting us on the slippery slope towards Taliban and Al Qaeda type extremism. (Remember the Religious freaks shooting abortion doctors anyone? That's terrorism.) And, they think that EVERYONE should follow their idiotic, Christian, cave dwelling, values, instead of letting individuals follow their own beliefs and letting medical research be performed for the benefit of the human race. P.S. Support Our Troops. Unless he happens to be running for President of the U.S. And spoke out against a very publicly unpopular and unjust war. (At least most people think so...except maybe the two guys in office who never went and the three-toed, banjo playing contingent.) And got purple hearts, (but they are only for scratches the Viagra poppin’ veteran Bob Dole says. Hmm…how did ol’ Bobby’s arm get that way? Spankin’ the monkey, slappin’ the salami, chokin’ the chicken one too many times, I wonder? I wonder if he was wearing a purple band-aid at the convention?)

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