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Thanks to everyone who has asked about my father-in-law, Yo Kitazumi. He is recuperating, but the doctors are still running tests, so no real updates except they removed the brain tumor. Recording News: 1) I have been working on some recording that will turn out to be a full-length, solo CD in the near future. I feel like I am finally getting the recording chops down to pull this off. No details but I can say it will be a cross between N'Sync, Nine Inch Nails, and Burt Bacharach, with an 80’s metal sensibility. 2) I am also starting to work on the Brandy Repairs Utah CD again. I have been so busy with other gigs that things get sent to the back burner, also, I think I can achieve what I wanted to create with the raw material, which is creating new tracks with the improvised material. KD will also be contributing some tracks for this. Maybe I can talk Lyle into doing something as well. 3) Dark Numbers is in the planning stages of what will become our first recording. KD and I have been busy with other gigs, but we are getting back into the groove. and I have at least two other projects I wish to do...I need more time.
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