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Elections are over. Not much of a choice as usual. It was either that guy from the Re-Animator movie, or monkey boy. All hail the Simian King! Remember folks it was a 2-3% "mandate" from the american people. Updated my "resume" page. It's actually a bio, but I put up a real bio instead of that half-assed one I had. I will actually put up a resume in the near future too. Went to a Halloween party with my friend Dave Mills and his wife Jen. This was Kimberley Lockes party. You might know her from American Idol, I don't. I can honestly say that I have never seen the show and don't much care if I ever do. Kimberley is reallynice however and Dave says she is a great singer. Dave has been playing with her band for the last couple of months on the east coast. She was having a house warming/Halloween party at her new Van Nuys digs, and he invited me to go. It was fun and had a great time. Lots of interesting costumes and an open bar. Plus, I got to find out what a merkin is from ol' chestnuts.

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