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Hey, new news!!!

It has been really fuckin' crazy!!! Since my last post(It was along time ago), I have been to Sedona, AZ for a couple of gigs with my friend David Mills. I played with him and Teresa (Mercy Bermudez) of the influential, late 70's, early 80's band The Heaters. I also played with the Max Borjon Big Band on New Years Eve. The trumpet palyer siting next to me was in Sammy Nesticos band, back in the day. When they were popular!!! I also was in Kentucky for a show with A Tribute To The Rat Pack. Great times I love hanging with Scott Strecker, Drew Hemwall, and Mark Adam Watkins. Me and Mark have some interesting conversations. He is a great dude to hangout with. I then was rehearsing with the Butch Morris Conduction band he called SLANG (a 30 piece, improvising orchestra) @ CalArts for a week, We performed last night (2-3-07) @ The Redcat Theatre in downtown LA with the Michael Sessions run, Horace Tapscott band (They were smokin'!!), and it was a blast! (I also got to see Tracy Caldwell play sax, I haven't seen her in 8 years at least.) I received some incredible feedback for my playing and was extremely happy. It was an insane few weeks, I was picking up Butch Morris and Muhal Richard Abrams at their hotels and drove Muhal to LAX today so he could fly home and watch the Superbowl. He is an amazing cat and has a lot to say about the state of music and art. If you don't know, Muhal is an amazing pianist and started the AACM, a very influential musicians collective, in the 60's. In fact, it has been around for 40+ years. No other music organization can claim this. Also, my recital is happening in two weeks on Feb. 16th. It is going to be fun. Wadada Leo Smith is going to play as well as some amazing musicians from school. Sarah Phillips, Scott Collins, Ingo Deul, Ian Carroll, Tyler Yamin, Damian, Berdakin, Craig Bunch, and Ori Barel. Can't wait. much shit. I also have lessons this semester with Leo, Alphonso Johnson (my favorite Weather Report bassist, Jaco is second), and Vinny Golia (an incredibly prolific and advanced woodwind palyer). It is going to be a great semester at school.

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