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I can't believe I'm back in school again...

...but I am. Met some cool people so far, reaquainting myself with some faculty I haven't seen in awhile, and adjusting to navigating the CalArts system. I am in Wadada Leo Smiths Performer/Compser Dept., and I am also his Graduate Assistant this semester. It's a job where I do various things for him, including, backing up his computer, recheduling classes, and even running his "Advanced Systemic Improvisation" class for him when he is away!? Talk about being thrown onto the fire!! On monday I have his private lesson, on Tuesday, I have Graduate Jazz Composition and North Indian Sargam class, which is a class where you work with North Indian melodic and rhythmic structures. Wednesday is a full day with Grad Theory review, and Creative Orchestra ensemble, headed by Leo and Mark Trayle. Will be good. Thursday I have Advanced Systemic Improvisation, which is a class devoted to improvising with various, creative structures. I am also trying to have independent study with Miroslav Tadic, working and studying Eastern European music and with Mark Trayle working with integrating electronics into my bass playing. A lot of stuff going on and it has just started.

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