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Kurt McGettrick

I just heard from Neil Sadler that Kurt McGettrick passed last Sunday. Although I met, and played with the man only once, it was an experience I will never forget. I grew up listening to all the Zappa stuff with him on it and he was an amazing sax/woodwind player. When I got to play with the Neil Sadler band a few years ago, I was excited that Mike Keneally would be on the gig, but equally, I was excited that the gig would include Bruce Fowler and Kurt McGettrick!! There is some audio of the show where Kurt is playing a solo on contrabass clarinet and all I remember is how there were some intonation issues between my bass and Kurt's contrabass clarinet. My bass' frequencies and his clarinet frequencies were rubbing up against each other to create this tremendous, low-end, oscillation, reminiscent of two whales humping. It was an excellent time! Kurt touched the lives of; and will be missed by, more people than he could have possibly imagined.

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