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Mills, Bunch, Burns Trio recording

Just got done with an intensive 1 week rehearsal/recording session with Dave Mills on piano and Craig Bunch on drums. We recorded at Wayne Peet's studio called Killzone Studios in Mar Vista and recorded 11 written tunes and 3 improvisations. I think most came out well, but still in the listening stages. We have to go back in and finish slight editing and mixing to finish. I wrote 3 new pieces entitled "For Ornette", "Ear Caving Dread", "Marwa", and revisted an old piece called "Mimi Nashi Hoichi". Also, Dave and I co-wrote a new ballad called "Have We Met". This was a real learning experience for me to run a session. I'm usually just the side guy and record whatever people need. I can't wait to record more of my music in the near future. On Saturday, I also went to Brandon Toh's to hear some recording that Ingo Deul, Sarah Phillips, and myself did a few months back. It was interesting to listen to because I hadn't heard any of it since the actual session.....kind of Bitches Brew-like with some other oddities thrown in....

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