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My Recital was canceled on friday night...

...due to a power failure in Santa Clarita.The sound engineer, John Baffa said it was the first time he ever had to cancel an event in his time @ CalArts. I think this is the first time I have ever canceled an event as well. The whole thing will be rescheduled, the only real problem is getting all of the musicians back together to rehearse. Vinny Golia, Ulrich Krieger, and Randy Gloss are very busy players/teachers. Also, Don McLeod and Rocio, the butoh dancers (who gave their time for free, I might add) have hectic schedules and that is not to even mention the students own crazy schedules. The other bummer is that I had planned out my semester so the recital was done early and I could then concentrate on my thesis and other classes, now that has been thwarted and I am going to have to scramble around more than I had hoped. Oh well,

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