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New Music Files and Photos

On the audio page, I put up a sound file of one of the Dangerous Curve pieces. I called it "Scratch Piece" because it seems I did a lot of scratching in it. Pretty deep... Overall, listening back to some of the DC gig, I am kind of proud of some of it because I was trying a lot of new things on the Echoplex such as multiple loops and creating some rhythm with the unit. More to learn for me... I also posted new, recent, photos from The Foundry and from the Dangerous Curve gigs. I also made some minor fixes to the site overall. In other news, I am almost finished with the Ralph Oyaga/LXIX new recording, which is being engineered/produced by Cris Boerin @ Ghostnation Productions. I think I have one song left to do. The album runs from typical rock stuff where I play with a pick, to some craziness where Ralph let me do my thing with it, and I ended up with three bass tracks and some North Indian meets Squarepusher influenced music...

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