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Okay, back from Japan

Me and Misuzu are back from our two-week trip to Nagoya, Japan. My damn cell phone wasn't working; but oh well, it was more like a vacation. For your amusement , and mine, a list of the last ten books I've read: 1) In the Miso Soup- Ryu Murakami 2) Footprints (The Life and Work of Wayne Shorter)- Michelle Mercer 3) A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man- James Joyce 4) The Mysticism of Sound and Music- Hazrat Inayat Khan 5) Meta Hodos and Meta Meta Hodos- James Tenney 6) The Baby Jesus Butt Plug- Carlton Mellick III 7) Self-Portrait of a Jazz Artist- David Liebman 8) Give My Regards To Eighth Street- Morton Feldman 9) East Of Eden- John Steinbeck 10) Almost Transparent Blue- Ryu Murakami

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