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Quartet music and WAS II marches on...

I have been writing pretty steadily since November, and I am enjoying the pace and output. My newest project has been my quartet music. At first, I wrote Quartet No. 1, for bassoon, piano, bass, and percussion, as a compositional exercise for my studies with Wadada Leo Smith, but I really am enjoying the sound of this electro-acoustic combination and decided to expand on it and do a second piece for the Synchromy, April 9th concert. Instead of ending there, I have decided that I am going to write a quartet for the quartet. The piece will be four movements total. All with different shapes, textures, and velocities. I am also going to introduce electronics into the piece, as I have been working with Plogue Bidule and programming some devices that I hope to implement into this work. In addition, I have some possible performance opportunities that I am very excited about. Will keep posted if any develop further. WAS II had it's third performance, fourth get together, on Sunday @ Poo Bah Records. I must say the group is developing nicely. I listened to the recording yesterday and there is some really great music, plus there is some things which are completely outside of anything we had ever done previously. Nice contrasts. We hope to have a recording out in the next few months.

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