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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum...

I went to see Sleepytime Gorilla Museum @ The Knitting Factory on Thursday night and what can I say about this group except that they were nothing but amazing, and even more incredible than I expected. I can't tell people enough about them. SGM's music is very hard to describe as they are truly original and although their influences are audible, they are very hard to pinpoint in any easily, dissectible way. Their sound is an amalgamation of Nursery Rhyme-like melodies, Brothers Grimm story-telling, Death Metal, Harry Partch (They make some of their own instruments), Avant Garde Jazz, a bit vaudeville, a bit prog rock, and very polyrhythmic-All rolled into one auditory and visual feast. Even with this strange concoction, I think; their music is still very accessible, just strange and very left of center. If Tool's music gets played on the radio station, KROQ here in Los Angeles, these guys surely could; and should, be played on there as well. I suggest checking out their CD's and the live show.

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