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Special Opp's Review...

in Music Connection with Chris Opperman's Special Opp's. I quote: "Burns and Bunch keep faultless time with demanding off-tempo progressive material."-Anne O'Neary (Say Wha?? I'll take compliments where I can get them though. I'll take references to faultless time, and or groove, over any other compliment.) This is something like the fourth time that a project I have been involved with was reviewed in this section of Music Connection. and it is always kind of nice, as any press is good press. And how Craig and I are able to play faultless time on "off-tempo" music is baffling to me. We practiced a lot for this show. We were supposed to be as off-tempo as the rest of the band. Can't win them all. I hope Opperman will perhaps write some on-tempo music to utilize Craig and I's talents more thoroughly. Ahh..just kidding. Thanks to Anne O'Neary and Music Connection for the kind words.

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