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The Musical Theory of Relativity...

+ Ripped pants
+ Embarrassing computer re-boot
+ Poor interepretation of my music
= Good time

First off, my pants ripped, on the backside, about 30 minutes before the show started and that was embarrassing enough, but then, when we went on stage to perform, my laptop went into sleep mode and I had to reboot the entire machine, restart app’s, and reconfigure the audio card, all on stage why the Director of The Empty Stage, Stan Wells, made jokes and I assured the audience (tongue firmly planted in cheek) that it would all be well worth the wait. Interestingly enough, people gave me a lot of compliments after the performance. The performance was good and I enjoyed it, all of the players, Misuzu, Cavit, and Koorosh did an exceptional job, but we didn’t really play what I wrote. Oh, well what can you do? I think this was the strongest Synchromy concert yet and I enjoyed almost all of the performances. Daniel has done a great job setting all of this up as it is no easy task.

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