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In the last three weeks, I played with John Pieplow at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, warming up for Huey Lewis & The News and Chicago, and we played at The House Of Blues. Both very good shows. It was good to see some friends there. Misuzu and I also booked our trip to Japan in August to visit her family. We are lucky to be going during the Obon Festival, Japan's biggest holiday. Obon, or Bon, is a holiday where the Japanese celebrate their ancestors and as Misuzu says, it is like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all wrapped into one. It has been a few years since I went there to visit and I am really looking forward to it. When I come back, school will be starting very soon, like two or three weeks and it will be time to hit it hard. Exciting times. Also, a recording of "Quartet No.2" will be up very soon from the last Synchromy concert I did back in April.

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