Had a great performance with the ICU on the 16th at the Pasadena Library. We had six new, original works performed and had special guests Vinny Golia and Ulrich Krieger who performed with us and also played an original work each. At the end, we also played Rzewski's "Les Moutons de Panurge". My pieces went well and Kathy Carbone's dancing was outstanding as well as Mercus' reading of some of his text. I also had a great time on Tuesday playing with Bill Stuhlly, Dona Oxford, Frank Macchia, and Jayce Burns...plus some guests who sat in. It was a fun night and we were told that we were better than the Dave Matthews band.... I'll take it. On Wednesday i did a jam with Shin and his Midtones group at the Grand Star Inn in China Town and had a great night. I got to play with a bunch of great musicians. Finally, had a audition/ rehearsal with Scott Collins, Eric Klerks, Craig Bunch, and John "Drumbo" French. We were going over John's music, learning some of the finer points. It was a blast and I can't wait to develop it further. John writes difficult music in the Beefheart vein, but is fun at the same time. We may learn some Beefheart music as well which will be awesome.

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