Greg Burk MetalJazz Shoutouts!

A mighty thanks to Greg Burk and the two 'shoutouts' he gave on his MetalJazz Blog to two groups, the Improvising Composers United and the World Ambient Symphony, I am involved with:


WAS CD Review: Fall into the physical dream universe of World Ambient Symphony, the trio of multi-instrumentalist Matt Piper, electropercussionist Koorosh Daryaie and bassist Daren Burns. If I were unsure of WAS's honesty, I would have been incredulous about the group's claim that their album "Random Walk out of the Sun" was improvised live with no overdubs or edits -- it feels like a composed Symphony in a real sense. A cosmic whale calf moans, an electro-gamelan bongs, alien ululations zap across the sound field, digital monkeys chatter, effect following effect with steady purpose and natural blend. I was wrapped into a state halfway between attention and trance, buffeted and rubbed by a huge bass or yanked by the ears down stairsteps of echo. "Photosphere" would make a great alarm clock; its laptop skronks and gearbox tornadoes are irritating enough to wake you, yet comfortable enough to avoid cruelty. The 19-minute "Convection Zone," after making me feel I had been pulled upward into a spacecraft by some kind of alien beam, built a rhythm of psychedelic dance and squealing intersphere friction to accompany the inevitable lab experiment, painlessly conducted under semialert sedation. It's a trip indeed; turn off the lights and play it loud. Check out music samples and find purchase options here. - Greg Burk,


Also Thanks to all who came out to The Wulf last night, you made the event absolutely amazing!

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